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Imagine a place where you can touch and actually swim with dolphins , wade with mysterious rays, snorkel lazily through a colourful cloud of tropical fish and safely come eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda! ,

Where plunging through a majestic waterfall , allows for the discovery of a towering free flight aviary full of brilliant exotic birds.

Where you can marvel at the sight, sound and touch while bonding with these incredible animals. Redefine your vacation experience with a gateway of service never before encountered in Orlando.

Discovery Cove® Tickets - a day of adventure and a lifetime of memories!

Explore a relaxing Tropical River as it winds its way through a variety of unique landscapes: an island beach, a tropical rainforest, underwater cave, waterfalls, sandy beaches and rocky lagoons.

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Swimming under a picturesque waterfall you will enter Discovery Cove's large free-flight Aviary which is home to over 30 species of tropical birds. In this lush habitat, guests can touch and even feed some of the 250 inhabitants of colourful birds and other amazing animals.

In Ray Lagoon , a quiet, protected area, guests can enjoy the thrill of snorkeling, wading and playing with hundreds of southern and cownose rays - gentle animals that grow up to 4 feet in diameter.

Snorkellers can follow colourful clouds of tropical fish in a spectacular Coral Reef. Bright-coloured angelfish and delicate butterfly fish compete for attention with silvery jacks, black-and-white striped spadefish and more than 75 other species. Swimmers will also snorkel within inches of barracuda and sharks, fierce predators safely housed behind clear partitions.

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offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable Orlando family holiday. In Dolphin Lagoon you can share the extraordinary experience of swimming and playing with dolphins, along with other up-close animal encounters, all in a beautiful tropical setting with no crowds and no queues. Imagine feeling the playful nudge of a dolphin as you swim together in a deep-water lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches and lush tropical landscaping. With a trainer, guests learn about dolphins' behaviour and get to know the animals. With Discovery Cove tickets you can experience the wonders that this mystical paradise has to offer.

Low Season - 1 Sept 2004 to 14 Mar 05 & 06 Sept 05 - 15 Mar 06

High Season - 15 Mar to 5 Sep 2005

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